ISBN 9780074636312,Solar Energy Fundamentals & Applications

Solar Energy Fundamentals & Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780074636312

ISBN-10 0074636316

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Number of Pages 434 Pages
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Solar system

Solar Energy : Fundamentals And Applications is a book that deals with the Mechanical Engineering study course for students pursuing the subject in colleges and universities. Solar energy is essentially energy that is received from the sun and utilized in various technologies. There is a range of equipment and processes that uses solar energy such as heaters, solar architecture, and artificial photosynthesis. These use passive solar power and most of the techniques deal with the solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic panels in order to collect energy. The material used for such a process must contain light dispersing features and thermal mass.

According to the International Energy Agency, technology that uses solar energy is able to sustain longer and hence be profitable for commercial enterprises. This also helps in preserving national resources and energy. This book contains concepts that range from radiation flat plate collectors to concentrating collectors. Solar Energy : Fundamentals And Applications also deals with solar heating. The chapters in this edition include Solar Greenhouse, Heating of Buildings, and Solar Cookers. Students will also find chapters on Air Conditioning, Refrigerating, Solar Thermo-Mechanic Power, and Water Pump.

Some of the other chapters include Solar Drying of Food, Passive Solar House Heating and Cooling, and Solar Desalination. There are also sections that deal with Solar Energy for Industrial Process and Solar Powered Thermal Water Pump.

Solar Energy : Fundamentals And Applications contains many examples. This book is resourceful and provides information regarding essential concepts, which are relevant for professionals, teachers, engineers and students alike.

About The Authors

H. P. Garg is a researcher in the field of Renewable Energy and Education in India. His books include Treatise on Solar Energy, Advances in Solar Energy Technology, Renewable Energy Engineering Education, and Physics & Technology of Solar Energy, Vol.1: Solar Thermal Device.

He has been associated with IIT-Delhi and has contributed largely in the development of solar power technology. He has also written extensively on this subject and his research includes Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) for different solar energy studies. He has authored over 500 research papers, 14 books, and 50 technical reports. He has worked as a Head CES, Institute Coordinator, and Coordinator at IIT-Delhi.