ISBN 9788171391554,Solid Waste Pollution

Solid Waste Pollution



Jnanada Prakashan

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788171391554

ISBN-10 8171391559

Hard Back

Language (English)


This book is all about the solid waste pollution and its management. ???EUR??Solid waste???EUR?? is the term now used internationally to describe nonliquid waste materials arising from domestic, trade, commercial, industrial, agriculture and mining activities, and form the public services. Solidwaste pollution has necessarily always been more advanced in the largest cities. Disposal problem become difficult with increase of population density. The major coverage of this book include: Solid Waste Pollution; Solid Waste Materials; Health Hazards of SolidWaste Treatment; Radioactive Wastes; Health Aspects of Sanitation Workers; Secondary Hazards from Solid Wastes; Danger Points in SolidWaste Handling; Availability of Waste in India; The Costs of Solid Wastes; Collection and Transportation of Solid Waste; Disposal of Solid Wastes; Disposing of Large Waste Products; Resource and Energy Recovery from Solid Waste; Incineration of Refuse; and Solid Waste Management.

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