ISBN 9780824774844,Solubility and Related Properties (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Solubility and Related Properties (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences


CRC Press

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ISBN 9780824774844
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ISBN 9780824774844

CRC Press

Publication Year 1986

ISBN 9780824774844

ISBN-10 0824774841


Number of Pages 432 Pages
Language (English)

Basic Science

Prefaceiii1.Solutions and Solubility1Introduction2Methods of Expressing Concentration and Solubility3Electrolyte Solutions7Determination of Activity Coefficients16The Gibbs-Duhem Equation35Determination of Solubility36Simplex Search for Optimum Solvent Blends522.The Liquid State61The Unexpanded Gas Model62The Quasi-Crystalline Model68Intermolecular Forces77Dielectric Constant81Bulk Properties of Liquids82Water87Assessment of Polarity from Molecular Structure87Supercritical Fluids873.A Qualitative Treatment of Solubility91The Like-Dissolves-Like Classification of Solubilities91Balance Between Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Groups115Dielectric Constant1214.Ideal Solutions127Ideal Solutions of Liquids in Liquids128Ideal Solutions of Solids in Liquids130Melting Point140"Really" and "Nearly" Ideal Solutions1465.Regular Solutions149Solutions of Liquids in Liquids150Energy of Mixing of Regular Solutions156The Two-Dimensional Approach to Regular Solubility166Determination of Solubility Parameters168Determination of Volume Fractions203Determination of Molar Volumes204Effect of Temperature on Solubility Parameters206Internal Pressure2086."Nearly Regular" Solutions213Entropy of Mixing213Extensions of Regular Solution Theory2187.Solute-Solute and Solvent-Solvent Associations235Chemical Interpretation236Physical Interpretation237Experimental Methods239Hydrophobic Interaction2478.Solute-Solvent Complexation251The Association Process251The Complexation Constant257The Stoichiometric Proportion257Methods of Determining Equilibrium Parameters2589.The Distribution Law279Formal Partition Coefficients280Influence of Association and Dissociation on Partitioning287The Collander Equation299Linear Free-Energy Relationships309Other Methods of Predicting Partition Coefficients331Measurement of Partition Coefficients34110.Aqueous Solubilities355Aqueous Solubilities of Nonelectrolytes355Effect of Additives on Aqueous Solubilities of Nonelectrolytes375Aqueous Solubilities of Electrolytes390Effect of Additives on Aqueous Solubilities of Electrolytes395Index441

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