ISBN 9781405146531,Solvent Recovery Handbook

Solvent Recovery Handbook




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BS Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781405146531

ISBN-10 1405146532

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 424 Pages
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Solvents have been traditionally chosen on the basis of whether they can do the job effectively anbd economically but other factors now have to be taken into consideration. Regulations relating to the exposure to solvent vapours have become more stringent hence the importance of choosing the best solvent for the job as early as possible in the process. This standard reference book sets out the physical properties of the fifty most commonly used solvents.
About Author :
Ian Smallwood, BA, CEng, FIChem E, MlnstPet has worked on producing and recovering solvents since graduating with first class honours in chemical engineering from cambridge University. He has been responsible for building from scratch two solvent refiniries with facilities for handling road, rail and sea transportation and for the operation of a large number of continuous abd batch fractionation units.
Contents :
Removal Of Solvents Form The Gas Phase
Separation Of Solvents From Water
Equipment For Separation By Fractional Distillation
Separation Of Solvents From Residue
Separation Of Solvents
Drying Solvents
Used Solvents Disposal
Good Operating Procedure
Choice Of Solvent With Recovery In Mind
Improving Batch Still Operation
Extractive Distillation