ISBN 9781500669805,Sonnets of Shakespeare Explained

Sonnets of Shakespeare Explained



Shambhabi - The Third Eye Imprint

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9781500669805

ISBN-10 1500669806


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


The scope and subjects of Shakespeare's writing is enormously wide, he has encompassed almost every aspect of human psyche & human life in utmost depth. It seems, his Muse has touched "Higher realms", unknown to ordinary human beings, to create such a literary beauty and psychologically so rich Sonnets, touching divinity through human?love. Since long there has been a scholarly dispute as to the identity of "the dark lady" and "the sweet boy" to whom many of Shakespeare's Sonnets are addressed, but, here, in this book, it is an attempt to briefly explain the meaning, depth and unwaveringness of love expressed in his Sonnets, without much bothering as to whom it is addressed. This book intends to briefly explain the meaning of each Sonnet, so that the reading of original Sonnets become?more?enjoyable, even for a reader who may not be much familiar with Shakespearian style of writing.