ISBN 9789382618843,Sophie Says

Sophie Says


Judy Balan



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789382618843

ISBN-10 9382618848


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)


In 30 years, Sophie Tilgum (her preferred version of Thilagam, the last name she was born with) hasnt been able to sustain a romantic relationship for more than a year. You might call it commitment phobia but Sophie would tell you there is no such thing. Or perhaps there is such a thing, but its so rare, its almost an urban legend. Instead she sincerely believes (and propagates) the idea that some people are just wired to be single an idea her exes did not appreciate when she decided to have The Talk. 

So after years of being made to feel like the bad guy, Sophie has found a way to embrace her seeming emotional shortcomings via her super popular blog Sophie Says in which she finds her calling as The Breakup Coach. 

Enter Ryan. He is everything Sophie is not and thinks her theories are a load of crap. And if things get complicated with Sophie trying to reconcile her burgeoning feelings for Ryan with her radically different views, they spiral out of control and turn her life into a mini soap when Yatan her If-Someday Guy enters the scene. Its a classic case of Physician-heal-thyself and one wonders if Sophie will emerge out of this drama with her world view intact.