ISBN 9788183520843,Sorry For Loving You

Sorry For Loving You



Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183520843

ISBN-10 8183520847


Number of Pages 223 Pages
Language (English)


Sorry For Loving You starts off with Chahat and Aditya together in a relationship. There is none of the predictable or mythical falling in love that leads up to the relationship. Rather, this book turns the narrative structure on its head in the beginning itself by absolving readers of any participation in the courtship period of the young couple. Aditya is deeply in love with Chahat and knows no limits or boundaries to his statement of the same. However, the relationship that is being examined is flawed. Chahat isn’t the best partner in terms of her loyalty to Aditya. She is involved with another young man, Vineet, and keeps oscillating between the two. She doesn’t stop at this constant disloyalty but instead continues on a spiral, circling both these men although she is in a relationship with Aditya. This betrayal also isn’t any part of a suspense mechanism or a hook point for readers to enhance the narrative’s interest quotient. Indeed, readers find out all this before the book even reaches its midpoint. He naturally confronts her and they have bitter squabbles over her insincerity but she doesn’t stop keeping in touch with Vineet. This is another ruse and sparks Aditya into constantly having to grapple with Chahat’s lack of dedication to their relationship. She fools him into trusting her over and over again where the protagonist finally has nothing to feel but sorry about his love for Chahat. The book carries a strong conviction in terms of the characters who are completely relatable and a plot which might ring true to a number of couples across borders, traditions et al. Whether Aditya chooses to leave his love behind or find some expression left in this broken relationship is an interesting thread examined by the author and the climax of the book provides the answer to that. The universal nature of love and the author’s sincerity brings along a story for the youth that aims at tears and a certain pathos. It has sold a number of copies and found an engaging readership across India. About Abhishek Agrawal As an author, Abhishek Agrawal wrote Sorry for loving you as his debut offering. The book went on to be nominated in the Commonwealth Writers List in London, 2012. His second book, For Getting The Unforgettable deals with the themes of youth and love and is ready for its publication by Mahaveer publishers. He was born in Bhilai and began writing plays and stories while he was at St. Thomas College in his hometown, Bhilai. Turning 20, he wrote his debut novel Sorry For Loving You. He likes to spend his time riding, painting, and singing when he’s not penning down his novels.