ISBN 9788178358130,Soul of The Qur'An

Soul of The Qur'An



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788178358130

ISBN-10 8178358131


Number of Pages 787 Pages
Language (English)

Religious Studies

Though there are commentaries of Qur'an available in different languages, there are none which deal with the Soul of Book. To overcome that blank, we would like to introduce Soul of the Qur'an in ones heart's language. Whoever read the Soul of the Qur'an carefully can understand that the Life : i.e. Meaning is entirely difference from the Soul which is made very easy to grasp as per the verse 54 : 17. , , In this book, Qur'anic verses are explained with Qur'anic verses and with the sayings of the Prophet which arc the actual interpretations. An effort has been made to point out how the verses are significant for today. It has been carried out with a prayer to exclude my own ideas anywhere else, and to explain as intended by the Lord. The real author of this Book is Allah, the Lord of All Worlds. , , We have already published the explanation of the entire Qur'an (114 Suraths) in three volumes entitled 'Qur'aninte Athmavu' (Soul of the Qur'an) in Malayalam. Works of Adhikr' (Soul of the Qur'an) an Arabic is progressing. Hereby we publish Soul of the Qur'an Volume : 1 in English. May Allah-the Lord of All World bless us to have other volumes.

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