ISBN 9789380070445,South India Handbook

South India Handbook


David Stott


Om Books



Om Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380070445

ISBN-10 9380070446

Hard Back

Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)

South Indian Ocean Islands

South India is a spellbinding intersection of old and new, and is the best place to grasp the nature of the colossus that is modern-day India. A quick-changing place that clings hard to its past, it stands at the very apex of those paradoxical forces that make the subcontinent today so fascinating and dynamic. The possibilities for how you invest your time in South India could be quite overwhelming: there's everything from the cool climates of the lush Western Ghats mountain ranges running like a spine inland of the west coast, to the steamy heat and rich culture of the east coast lowlands. You could travel for weeks without seeing it all. Prioritize what you want from any one trip, and, perhaps the best advice of all, come back.

The trick is to not be too ambitious in South India - you'll still be overwhelmed by what you see. The South India handbook proves to be an informative partner for you on this journey where the distances are huge. The handbook provides you with much needed information on the important destinations which cannot be missed. Allow yourself break: Mahabalipuram on the East Coast, Kovalam on the West, the hill stations, or Goa, all make ideal stops.