ISBN 9788178298955,Spatialising Politics : Culture and Geography in Postcolonial Sri Lanka

Spatialising Politics : Culture and Geography in Postcolonial Sri Lanka


J P Das


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788178298955

ISBN-10 8178298953


Number of Pages 228 Pages
Language (English)


This book is a ready reckoner on dyslexia, a condensed and updated source of information on the subject, for not only teachers and parents, but also for professionals concerned with Learning Disabilities. For the school psychologist, the book is an interpretation that gives pre-eminence to the PASS (Planning-Attention-Simultaneous-Successive) theory of cognitive processes?the four major processes that replace traditional views of IQ and redefine intelligence. Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia: An Interpretation for Teachers answers questions like: What is dyslexia? How do reading difficulties develop? How does one deal with dyslexia? Is there a valid remedial procedure? The answers are meant not only to help understand specific reading problems in the context of intelligence, but also guide remediation. The book provides a selective review of the existing knowledge in the field. By presenting lively discussions on competing views, controversies, recent advances and unresolved issues, it tries to demystify the continuing enigma of dyslexia. It will be an immensely engaging and informative read for students and researchers studying Psychology and Education and also those working in the fields of other cognitive sciences. Table of Contents Preface I: UNDERSTANDING READING DIFFICULTIES Good and Poor Readers From Nursery Rhymes to Phonological Coding Stages of Reading Development Explaining Reading by Intelligence Reading and Comprehension Spelling and Writing II: REMEDIATION OF READING AND LEARNING DIFFICULTIES Theory and Practice COGENT Program: Getting Ready to Read A Taste of COGENT: Program Modules COGENT Works: Early Evidence How Does Reading Readiness Work? A Taste of COGENT PREP: A Remediation Program based on PASS A Taste of PREP in Words and Pictures Case Histories III: THE NEXT STEPS The Way Forward Integration of Contemporary Views on Reading Epilogue: New Horizons in Understanding Reading Bibliography