ISBN 9780230630123,Speaking And Writing For Effective Business Communication

Speaking And Writing For Effective Business Communication




Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780230630123

ISBN-10 023063012X


Number of Pages 226 Pages
Language (English)


Communication needs to match demands of global business transactions in order to make them work. Theorists and practitioners of business communication, therefore, have made it effectively professional. The communication revolution has significantly helped them to make it so. Speaking and Writing for Effective Business Communication has been designed as both a text for study as well as a guide with tips for professional practice. It is comprehensive in its coverage and deals with most theoretical and practical aspects of business communication. The book attempts to capture these facts and trends in order to provide the student and the practitioner of business an effective tool of communication that is contemporary, professional and global. Against the backdrop of lucidly explained concepts, the reader is led to practise and master skills of speaking, listening, oral presentation and reading business documents. The book provides examples from real-life situations so that the reader can About the Author Rev. Francis Soundararaj has a Master?s in English, a Ph.D. in linguistic phonetics, a Bachelor?s in Divinity and a certificate in teaching English (CIEFL, Hyderabad). He did postdoctoral research into the rhythm and tonal aspects of Indian languages, through computer analyses of samples, in the Department of Spoken English at the University of Edinburgh, U.K. He has published ten research articles, two of them in an overseas journal, and five books, one of which is a manual for teaching communication skills. He is a regular contributor to University News, which has published more than 30 of his articles on higher education. He has supervised the doctoral studies of fifteen scholars. His long experience of teaching (44 years) college and university students has contributed to several seminars, workshops and training programmes he has organized for the state, the UGC, universities, the High Court, NAAC, schools and professional bodies. He has been teaching business communication for the last 15 years. He was Principal of Madras Christian College and two other colleges. Table of Contents Foreword, Acknowledgements, Vowels and Consonants, Introduction, PART I CONCEPTS, ILLUSTRATIONS AND LEARNER TASKS 1. COMMUNICATION: MEANING, SIGNIFICANCE AND PROCESS 2. INFORMATION FLOW: DIRECTIONS OF COMMUNICATION 3. CHANNEL, MEDIA AND TYPES OF COMMUNICATION 4. ORAL AND AURAL COMMUNICATION 5. ORAL COMMUNICATION: PARALINGUISTICS 6. NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: PARALANGUAGE 7. FORMAL AND INFORMAL COMMUNICATION 8. READING SKILLS FOR BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 9. VERBAL COMMUNICATION: THE WRITTEN CHANNEL 10. PARTS AND LAYOUTS OF BUSINESS LETTERS 11. REPORTS AND PROPOSALS 12. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: CONDENSED WRITING AND ITS USE IN BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS 13. Working in Groups 14. Barriers to Communication PART II BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE AND ORAL COMMUNICATION (WRITING AND SPEAKING SKILLS: MORE TIPS AND MODELS) 15. BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE 16. ORAL COMMUNICATION Appendix Grammar and Usage Cover Note A. Grammatical Tips for the Use of Some Words (Nouns) B. Sentence Correction Suggested Readings