ISBN 9788120720572,Speaking Of Asthma

Speaking Of Asthma



Sterling Publishers

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788120720572

ISBN-10 8120720571


Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

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Speaking of Asthma an invaluable, easy to follow, concise guide to help you detect and prevent asthmatic attacks and Explains in detail the causes and the method of treatment.This book was written for those who suffer from temporary cough, expectoration or shortness of breath and for those who suffer from chronic asthma due to allergies or other factors. Asthmatic patiens of often live in fear of the next attack and worry about their ability to manage the everyday problems associated with asthma. This book is the first to offer the asthmatic patient specialized medical advice, and to explain the causes and specialized treatment methods. If the asthmatic patient knows which factors play a decisive role in his asthma, then he can learn to control these factors and lead a better life, despite his chronic asthma. Learn how to live with asthma the better way.

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