ISBN 9788126908851,Special Economic Zones : Issues, Laws and Procedures

Special Economic Zones : Issues, Laws and Procedures


K. R. Gupta



Atlantic Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788126908851

ISBN-10 8126908858


Number of Pages 369 Pages
Language (English)


Special Economic Zones are specially delineated duty-free enclaves deemed to be foreign territories for the purposes of trade operations, duties and tariffs. SEZs include development of roads, airports, ports, telecom, generation and distribution of power, construction of industrial/commercial/residential complexes, etc.

Encouraged by the phenomenal success of SEZs of People's Republic of China which first used this model as a measure to attract foreign capital, technology and managerial expertise the Indian Government announced in the EXIM Policy of March 2000, a scheme for setting up SEZs in the country. The Special Economic Zones Act, which was enacted subsequently in the year 2005, has been subject to much debate and discussion. From politicians to businessmen, from journalists to social activists all have expressed different views thereon. While some have hailed it as a new mantra for export-oriented economic activity, others have criticized it for giving excessive tax and tariff concessions to SEZ developers. The government is keen to promote the establishment of these large, self-contained areas, supported by world-class infrastructure, oriented towards export promotion.

The present book Special Economic Zones: Issues, Laws and Procedures, in two volumes, studies in detail the various aspects of policy relating to SEZs. Different problems relating to people's apprehensions about these models of growth displacement of a large number of landowners, environmental pollution likely to be caused by huge industrial units being set up in the SEZs, the inter-ministerial differences over the issue of unprecedented concessions, incentives and sops being given to the developers, etc. have been discussed in the four analytical articles written by economic experts, making valuable suggestions.

Besides articles by erudite experts, the book contains documents relating to SEZs in matters like foreign trade policy; income tax, central sales tax, customs duty; circulars and orders of related ministries, government departments and Reserve Bank of India; and laws and subsequent amendments concerning SEZ Policy of the government. The book includes the Land Acquisition Act, 1894; National Policy for Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Project Affected Families, 2003; National Rehabilitation Policy, 2006 and Resettlement & Rehabilitation Policy (NHPC), 2007. Also given in this book are documents containing the policy framework of states.

Such wide coverage makes this book a unique treatise on Special Economic Zones. It will prove highly useful for MNCs, SEZ developers, policymakers, lawyers, businessmen and students. The general readers will also find it interesting and informative.

About the Author
Dr. K.R. Gupta is a well known Economist. He has published over a dozen books and more than hundred papers in leading journals published in India and abroad. He has been teaching postgraduate classes and guiding research for about two decades in University of Jammu, and Kurukshetra University. He has also worked as an Economist in private as well as public sector. His last assignment was as Economic Advisor to the Modi Enterprises.

Table of Contents
22. Appendix-14-I-I Procedure to be Followed for Reimbursement of Central Sales Tax on Supplies made to Export Oriented Units and Units in Electronic Hardware Technology Park and Software Technology Park
23. Appendix-14-I-L Guidelines for Exit of EOU/SEZ/EHTP/STP Units
24. Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, SIA (FC Division), Press Note No. 9 (2000 Series) 381
25. Reserve Bank of India, Exchange Control Department, Central Office Mumbai, A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 54 Dated 25th November 2002
26. Reserve Bank of India, Department of Banking Operations & Development, Notification Dated 12th November 2002
27. Ministry of Environment & Forests, Notification Regarding Coastal Regulation Zone Dated 17th June 2003
28. Ministry of Environment & Forests, Amendment to CRZ Notification Dated 21st May 2002 396
29. Ministry of Environment & Forests, Notification Regarding Coastal Regulation Zone & Amendment Dated 21st May 2002
30. Ministry of Environment & Forests, Environment Impact Assessment Notification No. 60 (E) Dated 27th January 1994
31. Ministry of Environment & Forests, Department of Environment, Forests and Wildlife, Notification Regarding Coastal Regulation Zone
32. Ministry of Environment & Forests, Notification Regarding Polluting Industries
33. Model State Policy on SEZ State Government's Policy Regarding Setting Up of Special Economic Zones (Draft)
34. Model State SEZ Act
35. The Andhra Pradesh Gazette Part IV-B, Extraordinary, Published by Authority Dated 12th June 2003
36. The Andhra Pradesh Gazette Part-I, Extraordinary, Published by Authority, Dated 20th June 2002. 465
37. Government of Andhra Pradesh's Abstract No. 151 Dated 9th April 2002
38. Government of Gujarat's Policy Regarding Establishment of Special Economic Zones in the State
39. Government of Jharkhand's Policy Regarding Establishment of Special Economic Zones in the State
40. The Karnataka Special Economic Zones Development Bill, 2003 (L.A. Bill No. 24 of 2003)
41. Government of Karnataka, Department of Energy, Order No. C&I 282 SPI 2001 Dated 25th February 2002
42. Government of Karnataka's Policy on SEZ, Proceedings of the Government of Karnataka.
43. Madhya Pradesh Government's Policy Regarding Setting Up of Special Economic Zones in the State
44. Madhya Pradesh Government's Indore Special Economic Zone (Special Provisions) Act, 2003
45. Maharashtra Special Economic Zone Act, 2003 (Draft)
46. Government of Maharashtra's Policy Regarding Setting Up of Special Economic Zones in the State
47. Government of Orissa, Industries Department, Resolution Dated 10th November 2003
48. Government of Rajasthan's Policy on Special Economic Zones
49. Government of Rajasthan, Law (Legislative Drafting) Department, Notification Dated 2nd July 2003
50. Uttar Pradesh Government's Special Economic Zones Act
51. Uttar Pradesh Government's Special Economic Zones Act Regarding Labour Laws
52. Government of Uttar Pradesh, Laghu Udyog Avam Niryat Protsahan Anubhag-4, Notification Dated 15th June 2002
53. Government of Uttar Pradesh, Industrial Development Section, Government Orders Regarding Special Economic Zones
54. The West Bengal Special Economic Zone Bill, 2003
55. Government of West Bengal, Finance Department Notification Dated 8th July 2003
56. Government of Kerala's Policy Regarding Setting Up of Special Economic Zones in the State 635
57. Government of Kerala, Taxes (E) Department, G.O. (P), Dated 31st December 1999
Appendix-I The Land Aquisition Act, 1894 646
Appendix II Comparative Statement of National Policy for Resettlement & Rehabilitation of Project Affected Families (NPRR-2003) & National Rehabilitation Policy (NRP-2006)