ISBN 9788131726204,Spider?S Strategy : Creating Networks To Avert Crisis, Create Change, And Really Get Ahead

Spider?S Strategy : Creating Networks To Avert Crisis, Create Change, And Really Get Ahead






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131726204

ISBN-10 8131726207

Hard Back

Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


The Spider's Strategy introduces four powerful, adaptable 'design principles' for building businesses that can thrive in an increasingly networked world. Amit Mukherjee begins by showing business leaders shows how to embed sense-and-response capabilities in their normal plan-and-execute processes, helping to detect emerging problems sooner, adjust course rapidly and inexpensively, and avoid unnecessary crises. Next, he shows how to adopt strategies that promote collaboration among partners, so you become the natural customer or seller of choice when those partners face crises or opportunities. You'll learn how to build organizations that truly value, promote, and share learning, and use it to drive decisive action. Finally, Mukherjee shows how to use technology to simplify adjustments to shifts in your business environment. The heart of the book: practical, proven advice on actually implementing these core principles. Drawing on interviews with innovators at HP, Nokia, and elsewhere, Mukherjee offers insight into everything from work practices to culture and corporate organization. Along the way, he teaches crucial lessons from previous eras of transformative corporate change, and shows how to overcome the obstacles to effective collaboration amongst partners. Mukherjee concludes by introducing the techniques of holographic change management, in which all four design principles are implemented concurrently across one business area, and then replicated. For Sale in Indian subcontinent only