ISBN 9780702043567,Spinal Control: The Rehabilitation Of Back Pain: State Of The Art And Science

Spinal Control: The Rehabilitation Of Back Pain: State Of The Art And Science



Churchill Livingstone

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780702043567

ISBN-10 0702043567


Number of Pages 338 Pages
Language (English)


For The First Time, International Scientific And Clinical Leaders Have Collaborated To Present This Exclusive Book Which Integrates State-Of-The Art Engineering Concepts Of Spine Control Into Clinically Relevant Approaches For The Rehabilitation Of Low Back Pain. Spinal Control Identifies The Scope Of The Problem Around Motor Control Of The Spine And Pelvis While Defining Key Terminology And Methods As Well As Placing Experimental Findings Into Context.

Spinal Control Also Includes Contributions That Put Forward Different Sides Of Critical Arguments (E.G. Whether Or Not To Focus On Training The Deep Muscles Of The Trunk) And Then Bring These Arguments Together To Help Both Scientists And Clinicians Better Understand The Convergences And Divergences Within This Field.

On The One Hand, This Book Seeks To Resolve Many Of The Issues That Are Debated In Existing Literature, While On The Other, Its Contributing Opinion Leaders Present Current Best Practice On How To Study The Questions Facing The Field Of Spine Control, And Then Go On To Outline The Key Directions For Future Research.

Spinal Control - The Only Expert Resource Which Provides A Trusted, Consensus Approach To Low Back Pain Rehabilitation For Both Clinicians And Scientists Alike!