ISBN 9788129121202,Spinning Yarns : The Best Children's Stories From India

Spinning Yarns : The Best Children's Stories From India


Deepa Agarwal


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788129121202

ISBN-10 8129121204


Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)
George'S Cosmic Treasure Hunt Revolves Around George, And His Friend Annie, Who Recently Moved To America From England. George, And Annie Were Great Friends, And Several Days After She Left For America, George Receives An Email From Her. In The Email, Annie Insists That George Travel To America, To Help Her With An Urgent Matter. George Asks His Grandma To Help Him Convince His Parents To Let Him Go To America. George'S Grandma Lands Up At His Parent'S House, And Is Determined To Take George To America, Despite His Parent'S Disapproval. However, She Manages To Convince His Parents, And They Allow Him. George Begins To Put Two And Two Together, And Figures Out That The Big Thing Annie Mentioned In Her Email Was About The Launching Of A Rocket, Which Consisted Of A Probe That Would Reach Mars, And Search For Life. When They Reach Annie'S Home, She Tells George About The Message She Received From Aliens, Which Was That If A Specific Pattern Wasn'T Followed, It Would Result In The Earth'S Destruction. The Two Decide To Do Something About The Matter, And Find Out How To Use Emmett, Who Is Annie'S Archrival. Emmett Is A Pro At Computers, And Is Willing To Help Open Up The Cosmos Machine, Which In Turn Opens The Portal To Mars. George, Annie, And Emmett Land Themselves In The Space Room, And Emmett Opens Up The Cosmos Machine, And George, And Annie Move Out Into Outer Space In An Attempt To Save The Earth. Does George, And Annie'S Noble Intentions Of Saving Earth Pay Off Or Do They Get Lost In Outerspace? Read On To Find Out. About The Authors Stephen Hawking Is A Renowned Author, Cosmologist, And Physicist. Apart From This Book, Hawking Has Written The Universe In A Nutshell, A Briefer History Of Time, Black Holes And Baby Universes And Other Essays, And George'S Secret Key To The Universe. Hawking Was Born On The 8Th Of January, 1942, In Oxford, England. He Earned A First-Class B.A (Hons.) Degree From Oxford University, After Which He Began Studying Cosmology At Trinity Hall, University Of Oxford. Hawking Has Served As The Lucasian Professor Of Mathematics At The University Of Cambridge From 1979 To 2009. He Presently Serves As The Director Of Research At The University Of Cambridge, In The Centre For Theoretical Cosmology. Lucy Hawking Is A Well-Known Novelist, And Journalist. Hawking Has Written Two Other Books, And They Include Run For Your Life And Jaded. Lucy Hawking Was Born On The 2Nd Of November, 1970. She Completed Her Degree From The University Of Oxford, In French, And Russian. After That, She Began Working As A Journalist For The New York Magazine, And Has Contributed To The Telegraph, Daily Mail, And The London Evening Standard. She Was Presented With The Sapio Prize For Popularizing Science, And Is Also The Vice-President Of The National Star College. She Was Married To Alex Mackenzie Smith.