ISBN 9789381770115,Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting


Sapna Sharma




Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381770115

ISBN-10 9381770115

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Language (English)

Literature fiction

Spiritual Parenting, by well-known Life Coach and first-time author, Dr Sapna Sharma, highlights the immense importance of living happily and achieving it through the spiritual growth of the soul. The unique experience of parenting is a strong influence in this discovery of one's spiritual dimension. A journey towards inner peace of the mind, and heart. Guiding children, who come with their own spiritual dimensions, to harness their thoughts and emotions to discover themselves will help them through their soul journey of life. During this process, parents themselves re-discover the value that spirituality can provide to each one's life, giving it a meaning beyond the obvious daily routine of existence. A life filled with happiness and stability arising out of spiritual peace. Once it is assimilated, Spiritual Parenting becomes a wonderful soul journey where both parents and children anchor and learn from each other in their quest to experience greater happiness and well-being. Is this book for you? It is most certainly for you and for all those who are: Parents of very young children; Parents of teens; Working mothers; Expectant parents; Parents whose children have left home; Single parents; Grand parents; Doctors & Health professionals This is not just another parenting book with advices on do's and don'ts. Neither is this a spiritual instructions manual. This is a journey of a lost soul finally anchoring on to its path of purpose. This is a journey of a parent from being worldly wise to being spirit centered. This is a journey of a soul towards its light. This is our journey - yours and mine

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