ISBN 9789381398708,Spiritual Success : Wisdom for the Boardroom and Beyond

Spiritual Success : Wisdom for the Boardroom and Beyond


Gopika Kapoor


Hay House



Hay House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381398708

ISBN-10 9381398704


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)


The word success is open to various interpretations, often equated with power and control, financial abundance, having the right sort of friends, fraternizing with the swish set and living the high life. Although manifestations of success are many, they all have one common factor-the overwhelming presence of the ego. Many people will tell you that to succeed you need to have a healthy ego, but what if success exists just for itself? What if you can be successful just for yourself?

We are both successful professionals, excelling and making a name for ourselves in our individual fields. And yet, if you were to ask us what we consider our greatest successes, our answers, individually and collectively, would be non-material and intangible things that enrich our lives and make them successful. Drawing a page (Actually, make that an entire chapter!) from our own lives, we sought to re-examine the idea of success and analyze how it has changed for us. Thus, Spiritual Success hopes to share this vision with you and inspire you to develop your own idea of success and what it means to be successful. Our endeavor is to enable you to define success as a holistic concept covering not just material success, but also intellectual growth, personal enrichment, development of a compassionate view of serving the society and community you live in and the evolution of your own chosen spiritual practice that simultaneously invigorates and calms you.

About the Author

Gopika Kapoor is a writer and communications consultant. She is the author of bestselling books Spiritual Parenting, Spiritual Pregnancy and Spiritual Relationships. She was awarded the Young FICCI Ladies Organization (YFLO) Women Achievers Award for exemplary writing in 2013. She works with Ummeed Child Development Center, an NGO working with children with developmental disabilities.

Mohit Kapoor is a certified life coach from The Life Coaching Institute, UK and a corporate lawyer with over fifteen years experience. He is the founding partner of Universal Legal, a full-service law firm based in Mumbai. Mohit is an active member of the Art of Living Movement under Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and considers his daily meditation key to his well-being.