ISBN 9788174791726,Spiti: A Study in Socio-Cultural Traditions

Spiti: A Study in Socio-Cultural Traditions




Kaveri Books



Kaveri Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788174791726

ISBN-10 8174791728


Language (English)

Society & culture: general

The book concerns about the people of Spiti, their life, society, culture, religion, history, etc., who had been living in the extremely difficult environment in the high Himalayan valleys. High altitude, scarcity of precipitation, dry and bitterly cold climate, lack of vegetation, single crop in a year that too grown with great care, are some of the prominent features of the environment of the area. In order to sustain life in such a condition with extremely scarce natural resources the society made innovations in evolving some unique social institutions capable of resisting the threatening forces. Each member in the society occupying different social position and passing through different stages of his life was assigned different and changing role, shedding a part of his right and opportunity with the greater objective of perpetuation of the society. Religious institution played a great part in the sustenance of the Spiti society. The present study, besides touching the common topics, endeavours to cover some other aspects which are not found described in the works of the earlier scholars.