ISBN 9789380625164,Splendours of Rajasthan

Splendours of Rajasthan






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380625164

ISBN-10 9380625162


Language (English)

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Splendours of Rajasthan The four southern states of India extend across coastal plainsand rocky plateaux, river valleys, tropical forests and mountainousterrain. They encompass a range of cultural patterns, religiousbeliefs and styles of life which vary as widely as the landscape.The sheer wealth of experiences that South India offers makes itespecially difficult to do justice to this extraordinary part ofthe Indian subcontinent in a single book. Nevertheless, S. Muthiahand Rupinder Khullar have succeeded in providing a richly texturedintroduction to the many faces of South India. S. Muthiah haswritten a lively and informative introduction to the four southernstates of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala and theUnion Territory of Pondicherry. His formidable knowledge andunerring eye for the telling detail have resulted in an excellenttext which is superbly illustrated by the photographs. Rupinder Khullar has managed to capture the essence of thesouthern states with vibrant immediacy. Short of actully smellingthe fragrance of sandalwood and feeling the salt-laden sea breezeson the coast, this delightful book brings to the reader all theflavour and colour of South India. About Author: Rupinder Khullar Rupinder Khullar has been clicking pictures with his prizedNikon ever since he was a teenager. Living amidst the scenic beautyof Uttaranchals capital Dehradun, he inherited this passion fromhis hobbyist photographer father, whom he often accompanied on histravels in the hills. A leading travel photographer for fourdecades, Rupinder Khullar has captured Indias art, architecture,cities, religions, people and natural wonders. His arresting andwide ranging body of travel photography has been published in manybooks and publications. Among them 1001 Images of Taj Mahal - AGreat Wonder of the World, Splendours of Rajasthan, EnchantingIndia, Flowering trees, Shrubs and Climbers of India, Kashmir: APageant of Seasons, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, Divine