ISBN 9780571302505,Squishy Mcfluff: The Invisible Cat! (Squishy Mcfluff 1)

Squishy Mcfluff: The Invisible Cat! (Squishy Mcfluff 1)


Pip Jones


Penguin USA



Penguin USA

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780571302505

ISBN-10 0571302505


Number of Pages 80 Pages
Language (English)


Review Jones's rhymes are fluid and easy-going and with Okstad's drawings - I particularly like Squishy's what, me? face - this is a charming parable of transition for children aged 4 and older (The Times) Cleverly bridging the gap between picture books and longer fiction, the lovable Squishy is certain to be a success with under-sevens - especially those who have ever had an imaginary friend of their own. (Booktrust) In delightful rhyme reminiscent of Dr Seuss, this charmingly illustrated book is bound to become a bedtime fave (Gurgle) Pip Jones's big-eyed adventures of Ava and her naughty invisible cat,Squishy McFluff, will be a surefire hit with any kid who's ever devolved responsibility for wickedness or mishap to a sibling or imaginary friend. (Guardian) On this evidence his mischief-making, in which he has a more than willing ally in the form of Ava, his young owner, should ensure that he will be purring around for some time. Jones's jaunty verse and Ella Okstad's spirited illustrations are perfect partners in feline crime. (The Irish Times) The artistry is spot on - Squishy looks as cute as could be (The Bookbag) This charming short book is happy and funny and pitched just right for emerging readers who will doubtless recognise the situation. And the illustrations are expressive, catching perfectly the emotions of the young heroine. (Scotsman) We need many more well produced, funny and engaging books like this. (Louise Court Reading Zone) It's funny, it's charming, it's one not to miss! (Playing by the Book) We need many more well produced, funny and engaging books like this. They are a long way indeed from 'reading scheme' materials and really put the pleasure into reading. (Joy Court ReadingZone) Delightful illustrations are by Ella Okstad, with Squishy portrayed as a big-eyed bundle of cuddly lines, barely there, a visible invisible swirl. (The Herald) This is perfect for bedtime stories as well as for new readers. Its gentle comical story about Ava's mischievous imaginary cat makes for a wonderful transition from picture books to early chapter books. Its reassuring familiarity bridges the gap beautifully. (Rhino Reads) What a gorgeous and thoroughly entertaining book, truly! (Read It Daddy!) This is a fantastic book for younger readers and one that I'm sure will be read again and again. I can't wait to read more from Ava and Squishy! (Wondrous Reads) Book Description The first in an irresistible series for young readers in hilarious rhyming text and with adorable illustrations. About the Author Pip Jones is a freelance journalist. Squishy McFluff won the inaugural Greenhouse Funny Prize in 2012 and Pip is delighted to bring him to the page at Faber. Pip lives in London with her husband, two daughters and a real imaginary cat.