ISBN 9788121500364,Srimadbhagavatam: A Concise Narrative

Srimadbhagavatam: A Concise Narrative



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1986

ISBN 9788121500364

ISBN-10 8121500362

Hard Back

Number of Pages 241 Pages
Language (English)


The foremost and unique among the devotional literature of the world, Srimadbhagavatam sings from start to finish the glories of one-pointed and unadulterated devotion to and supreme love of God. Through Shukadeva's narration of the immaculately pure life and achievements of Lord Krishna, the work purports to say that even the enlightened hermits; whose knots of ignorance have been cut asunder by the sword of plenary experience of the individual soul with the supreme spirit, revel in supreme love for God, love generated spontaneously, and desire nothing in return. The work also expounds the other two schools of philosophy, namely, the Samkhya and the Vedanta, the latter being exclusively dealt with in the last canto. The author of the work in Bengali, of which the present work is the translation, has chosen to comment upon only those verses which bring out the quintessence of the original voluminous work by Vyasa. The translator in the present work though deviating at times from literal translation of the verses and the text, has been able to bring out the real import and maintain the spirit behind the whole thing intact. Readers unable to read in Sanskrit or Bengali will find the present translation very lucid and immensely benefiting.