ISBN 9798187107612,SRK: Still Reading Khan

SRK: Still Reading Khan



Om Books International

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9798187107612

ISBN-10 8187107618

Hard Back

Number of Pages 453 Pages
Language (English)

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Still Reading Khan, which stands for SRK, is the title of the latest book on the Bollywood superstar, who needs little introduction. Written by Mushtaq Shiekh, the coffee table book, is the tale of a journey that led from a suburban housing colony in New Delhi into the homes, hearts and minds of innumerable fans all over the world, a journey that transcended boundaries of nations, and the artificial barriers of culture. It is a never-ending story of success. It has some rare pictures of Shah Rukh in his younger days, his wedding pictures, college mark sheets etc.

There's always been a patriarch for every field. He leads, people follow. He takes new paths praised if he`s successful, derided if he fails. But then somebody has to do the job. Somebody has to invent for the others to reinvent. Somebody has to stand up for our fifty six year old philosophy for the people, by the people, to the people.

Shah Rukh Khan did just that. He invades areas where no actor has ever been. A clear brand philosophy and a brilliant understanding of mass psyche has been the strength of the SRK product. He is probably the best brand ever churned out by Indian industry. Outrageous and outspoken in his interviews, he played to the masses and boy did he play it right. Then there is the proverbial pinch of salt. With which SRK takes himself. While his work reflects his passion, there has always been that wry black humour that grounds his reality. He has consistently stripped the idealistic glamour from his profession by branding himself a performer.