ISBN 9780593068069,Stand-Up Put-Downs

Stand-Up Put-Downs


Rufus Hound






Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780593068069

ISBN-10 0593068068

Hard Back

Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

Adventure / thriller

For a stand-up comedian, a heckler is either a curse or a blessing. On one hand, the drunk at the back of the room yelling incoherent nonsense can ruin the evening for everyone. But on the other, a funny, well-timed heckle can really ramp up the laughter in the room. Either way, all stand-ups know they must be prepared to deal with hecklers by using the most effective weapon at their disposal - the put-down. Whether they are sharp enough to fire them off on the spot or they have a battery of tried-and-tested insults to suit every different occasion, put-downs are an essential part of every comedian's repertoire.

In this book, TV comedian Rufus Hound has compiled 200 of his favourite put-downs from his friends on the current circuit, from past comedy legends and from his own performances. Every category of heckler is covered - from Loudmouths to Smartarses, Racists to Wannabe Comedians - and Rufus has found reposts to put even the most attention-seeking disrupters in their place, making this the ideal gift for anyone interested in the art of stand-up, or anyone who wants to laugh along at some of the funniest insults in UK comedy history.

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