ISBN 9780195688108,Starke's International Law

Starke's International Law



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780195688108

ISBN-10 0195688104


Edition 11th
Language (English)


In the fields of trade and commercial relations, communications, human rights and the environment, international law has come to play as crucial a role as it had earlier, and continues to play, in the traditional fields of diplomacy, treaty-making, the law of the sea, and the relations of states, Even in the short period of five years since the last edition appeared, significant new developments have occurred, and they are of course fully covered in this new and updated edition.

Chief among these is the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, 1982, now strengthened by the implementing Protocol of 1994 and able to assume its intended place as the greatest codifying instrument in the history of international law. Secondly, the collapse of the Soviet Union has enabled the United Nations to exercise more readily those powers long denied it by the USSR's right of veto, witnessed by the Security Council's action during the Iraq-Kuwait war. In addition, events in former Yugoslavia, Somalia and Rwanda continue to beg the question - when does a domestic matter assume the shape of a threat to regional or global peace and security upon which international action must be taken?