ISBN 9788130926490,Start Up Science Lab Manual - Book 7

Start Up Science Lab Manual - Book 7



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788130926490

ISBN-10 8130926490

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Number of Pages 106 Pages
Language (English)

Basic Science

Start Up Science Lab Manuals for classes 6 to 8 aim at providing a hands-on learning experience to students to explore fundamentals of science. The books are designed to sharpen scientific skills like experimentation, observation, interpretation, conclusion, etc. The content is carefully structured keeping in mind the philosophy, vision and mission of NCF 2005.
Key features
Based on the latest NCERT syllabus
Precautions to be taken in a laboratory included in the section Laboratory Ethics
Systematic presentation of experiments
Neat and labelled diagrams to aid procedure, wherever necessary
Viva Voce and Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each experiment for self evaluation
A variety of projects and activities given in a separate section
Practical Sheets incorporated in each book to make it a complete Lab Manual
To study that light is necessary for photosynthesis
To study the burning characteristics of various fibres
To study that water transfers heat via convection (a) To measure human body temperature by using a clinical thermometer (b) To measure the temperature of different solutions by using a laboratory thermometer
To study the effect of saliva on food
To find out good and bad conductors of heat from the given solid material strips
To find out the effect of atmospheric pressure
To show that air expands on heating
To study the time period of a simple pendulum
To calculate the moisture content of soil samples
To find out the percolation rate of water in different types of soil
To test the chemical nature of different substances using turmeric as an indicator
To find out the chemical nature of some solutions using litmus paper
To prepare the crystals of copper sulphate from an impure sample
To study the effect of exhaled air on lime water
Projects and Activities
Practical Sheets
About the Author: S P Verma
S.P. Verma, M.Sc., M.Ed., PGCPM, is a former Principal of KVS and has devoted more than 27 years in the field of education. He is presently working as an Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer. He has conducted more than 40 training programmes and workshops and has published many books on environmental education and career planning. His book entitles Career Options has been published in 12 editions in 4 languages.