ISBN 9788130926506,Start Up Science Lab Manual - Book 8

Start Up Science Lab Manual - Book 8



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788130926506

ISBN-10 8130926504

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Number of Pages 106 Pages
Language (English)

Basic Science

Start Up Science Lab Manuals for classes 6 to 8 aim at providing a hands-on learning experience to students to explore fundamentals of science. The books are designed to sharpen scientific skills like experimentation, observation, interpretation, conclusion, etc. The content is carefully structured keeping in mind the philosophy, vision and mission of NCF 2005.
Key features
Based on the latest NCERT syllabus
Precautions to be taken in a laboratory included in the section Laboratory Ethics
Systematic presentation of experiments
Neat and labelled diagrams to aid procedure, wherever necessary
Viva Voce and Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each experiment for self evaluation
A variety of projects and activities given in a separate section
Practical Sheets incorporated in each book to make it a complete Lab Manual
To measure the weight of objects by using a spring balance
(a) To prove that the pressure exerted by a liquid increases with its depth (b) To prove that liquids exert the same pressure in all directions at a given depth
To verify the relationship between pressure and area of contact for the same applied force
To prove that sliding friction depends on (a) the nature of the surfaces in contact, and (b) the mass of objects in contact
To find the tensile strength of different types of fibres
To identify the conductivity of different liquids
To observe the process of electroplating on an iron nail
To study the reaction between copper sulphate solution and iron nail
To study the reactions of some metals with a mineral acid
To test the solution of gas formed by burning of sulphur
To prove that combustion of combustible substances take place above their ignition temperature
To prepare a slide of pond water and study it under microscope
To prepare a stained temporary slide of onion peel and study it under microscope
To prepare a stained temporary slide of cheek cells and study it under microscope
To study the effect of yeast on the fermentation of wheat dough
Projects and Activities
Practical Sheets
About the Author: S P Verma
S.P. Verma, M.Sc., M.Ed., PGCPM, is a former Principal of KVS and has devoted more than 27 years in the field of education. He is presently working as an Educational Consultant and Teacher Trainer. He has conducted more than 40 training programmes and workshops and has published many books on environmental education and career planning. His book entitles "Career Options" has been published in 12 editions in 4 languages