ISBN 9788130926698,Start Up Science Workbook - 7 - Cce Edn. (With Psa)

Start Up Science Workbook - 7 - Cce Edn. (With Psa)



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788130926698

ISBN-10 8130926695


Number of Pages 100 Pages
Language (English)


Viva Start Up Science Workbooks have been specially prepared for the students of classes 6, 7 and 8. They complement the textbooks to help students prepare for evaluation and for additional practice and self-assessment. The workbooks are completely based on the CCE guidelines.

Key Features of the Workbooks:

Each chapter begins with a summary given in points for quick review.

A variety of objective questions like multiple choice, fill in the blanks, match the following and one word answer are included.

Subjective exercises like correct the false statements, give reasons, find the odd one out and justify, define, differentiate and short and long answers are incorporated in the books.

Questions based on Higher Order Thinking Skills, diagrams and numericals are also given.

A variety of multiple choice questions based on practical skills are also included.

A separate section on laboratory including common laboratory apparatus and general guidelines and precautions is given in the beginning.

Termwise sample test papers for FA and SA are incorporated.

Adequate space has been given to answer the objective-type questions while the subjective questions have to be answered in the notebooks.


Nutrition in Plants Nutrition in Animals Materials of Daily Use Heat Different Kinds of Materials How Things React with One Another Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animal Soil Respiration Transportation of Materials Reproduction in Plants Motion and Time Electric Current and Its Effects Light Winds, Storms and Cyclones Scarcity of Water Forests Waste Management Sample Test Papers