ISBN 9788132113799,State of India's Livelihoods Report 2010 : The 4P Report

State of India's Livelihoods Report 2010 : The 4P Report



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132113799

ISBN-10 8132113799


Number of Pages 280 Pages
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Towards Sociology of Dalits, features 11 select articles with a comprehensive introductory chapter which provide a panoramic outline of the content of Dalit studies in India over time and space. The location of Dalits has been inseparably linked with the caste and economy of Indian society giving rise to the practice of untouchability duly supported by tradition and religious ideology. Three major issues discussed in the various chapters of this volume are untouchability and exclusion, conflict and change. Table of Contents: Foreword Prakash N. Pimpley Preface Introduction Paramjit S Judge State of Dalit Studies in Sociology Situating Dalits in Indian Sociology Vivek Kumar Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and the Nation: Situating G.S. Ghurye T.K. Oommen Caste, Untouchability and Exclusion Untouchability as a Social Problem: Theory and Research R.D. Lambert Untouchability: A Myth or a Reality: A Study of Interaction between Scheduled Castes and Liahmins in a Western U.P. Village S.S. Sharma Scheduled Castes and Urbanization in Punjab: An Explanation Victor S. D'Souza The Khatiks of Kanpur and the Liistle Trade: Towards an Anthropology of Man and Beast Maren Bellwinkel-Schempp Mapping Conflict Dalit Struggle, Nude Worship and the 'Chandragutti Incident' Linda J. Epp Psychological Conflict between Harijans and Upper Class or Middle Class Caste Hindus: A Study in Andhra Pradesh (India) Venkateswarlu Dollu Interrogating Change: Theory and Practice Reservations and the Sanskritization of Scheduled Castes: Some Theoretical Aspects Gopal Guru Purity, Impurity, Untouchability, then and now A.M. Shah Stigma Goes Backstage: Reservation in Jobs and Education Tulsi Patel Index Appendix of Sources