ISBN 9788132113812,Stateless in South Asia : The Chakmas between Bangladesh and India

Stateless in South Asia : The Chakmas between Bangladesh and India


K L Sharma



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132113812

ISBN-10 8132113810


Number of Pages 496 Pages
Language (English)


Sociological Probings in Rural Society, focuses mainly on the changing face of rural urban relations. The papers included in the volume have been arranged in five sections, taking a note of rural urban relations, rural social stratification, rural profiles, religion and rituals and social change in village India. The volume maps out the structure and process of rural urban relations, along with divides and gaps between the rural and the urban settings and the role of urbanization, industrialization, land reforms and development agencies. Table of Contents: Series Note Foreword Prof. Yogendra Singh Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction K.L. Sharma Rural Society and Rural Urban Relations Rural Sociology: Its Need in India A.R. Desai A Research Focus for Rural Sociology Harold F. Kaufman Symposium on Rural Urban-Relations: The Industrialization and Urbanization of Rural Areas M.N. Srinivas The Rural-Urban Continuum: A Critical Evaluation C Rajagopalan Modernization and the Urban-Rural Gap in India: An Analysis N.R. Sheth 'Fringe' Society and the Folk-Urban Continuum M.S.A. Rao Rural Family Patterns: A Study In Urban-Rural Relations K.M. Kapadia Industrial Workers in Rural India S.D. Patel Social Stratification in Rural India Measurement of Rigidity - Fluidity Dimension of Social Stratification in Six Indian Villages Victor S. D'souza Bhadralok and Chhotolok in a Rural Area of West Bengal Surajit Sinha and Ranjit Bhattacharya Caste System in Contemporary Rural Bihar: A Study of Selected Villages Gaurang Ranjan Sahay Power Elite in Rural India: Some Questions and Clarifications K.L. Sharma Social Stratification and Institutional Change in a Gujarat Village K.C. Panchanadikar and J. Panchanadikar Village Profiles Chokhala - An Intervillage Organization of a Caste in Rajasthan Liij Raj Chauhan Modernization and Changing Fertility Behaviour: A Study in a Rajasthan Village Tulsi Patel Ideology, Power and Resistance in a South Indian Village N. Sudhakar Rao Voices from the Earth: Work and Food Production in a Punjabi Village Radhika Chopra Religion and Rituals Public Shrines and Private Interests: The Symbolism of the Village Temple Ursula Sharma A Study of Customs in Rural Mysore K.N. Venkatarayappa Ritual Circles in a Mysore Village Gurumurthy K. Gowdra Social Change in Rural India Study of Social Change in Independent Rural India: Critical Issues for Analyses in the Fourth Decade of Independence H.S. Verma Indian Rural Society under the Impact of Planned Development - A Sociological Analysis J.M. Panchanadikar Downward Social Mobility: Some Observations K.L. Sharma Dimensions of Agrarian Structure and Change: Issues in Theory Pradip Kumar Bose Index Appendix of Sources