ISBN 9788132113867,States in Conflict with Their Minorities : Challenges to Minority Rights in South Asia

States in Conflict with Their Minorities : Challenges to Minority Rights in South Asia



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132113867

ISBN-10 8132113861


Number of Pages 360 Pages
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Contributions to Sociological Theory, aims to quell the popular belief that sociologists and their journals are shy of making a contribution to theory, they are mere empiricists. The volume introduces the dimensions and trajectories of the multiplicity of theory in its sumptuous Introduction. The volume has two sections, the first deals with the contribution of the Sociological Bulletin to the conceptual framework of sociology and the second is the contribution made to the writings of the Western thinkers who have considerably influenced Indian sociology. Table of Contents: Series Note Preface Introduction Vinay Kumar Srivastava On Concepts and Methods Newness in Sociological Enquiry Andr Bteille Paradigms and Discourses: New Frontiers in the Sociology of Knowledge Dipankar Gupta On Reality: Its Perception and Construction Satish Saberwal Relevance of the Marxist Approach to the Study of Indian Society A.R. Desai Altruistic Suicide: A Subjective Approach Lung-Chang Young Rational Social Action as a Basis for Creative Comparison Prakash N. Pimpley Feminist Social Theories: Theme and Variations Beatrice Kachuk Outsiders as Insiders: The Phenomenon of Sandwich Culture Yogesh Atal Social Structure M.N. Srinivas On Sociological Thikers Vidyas: A Homage to Auguste Comte G.S. Ghurye Max Weber's Theory of Social Stratification: Controversies, Contexts and Correctives Rajendra Pandey Malinowski on Freedom and Civilization Vinay Kumar Srivastava Some Reflections on Karl Popper's Theory of Social Explanation Goutam Biswas Computer Simulation and Mannheim's Concept of Perspectivism P.N. Rastogi Outsider Bias and Ethnocentricity: The Case of Gunnar Myrdal Susantha Goonatillake Robert Merton's Formulations in Sociology of Science Pravin J. Patel Bourdieu's Theory of the Symbolic and the Shah Bano Case Sheena Jain Index Appendix of Sources