ISBN 9788126917464,Statistical Definitions, Formulas and Tables

Statistical Definitions, Formulas and Tables


K. R. Gupta






Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788126917464

ISBN-10 8126917466


Number of Pages 252 Pages
Language (English)

Thermal Physics & Statistical Mechanics||

The book Statistical Definitions, Formulas and Tables provides a collection of statistical definitions, formulas and tables which will be useful to students of statistics, mathematics, economics, physics, engineering and other sciences, and researchers in these fields. Care has been taken to include only those formulas and tables which are most likely to be needed in practice, rather than highly specialised results which are rarely used.

Topics covered in the book range from elementary to advanced statistics. Elementary topics include those from Collection, Classification and Tabulation of Data; Measure of Central Tendency; Measures of Dispersion; Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis; and Curve Fitting and Method of Least Squares. Advanced topics include those from Correlation Analysis; Regression Analysis; Multiple and Partial Correlation-Regression; Probability; Sampling; Theory of Estimation; Theory of Test of Significance; and Analysis of Variance. This wide coverage of topics provides within a single volume, most of the important statistical results needed by students and researchers, regardless of their particular field of interest or level of attainment.

The book has been divided into two parts. First part contains statistical definitions and formulas and the second part covers statistical tables. An important feature of this book is that the figures in the tables have been approximated, which is basic to the application of statistical models in the real world.
The book will be very useful for the students of Science, Economics, Commerce, Engineering, Psychology, Business Management and Finance. To those preparing for various competitive examinations it will be of great help for quick revision of definitions, formulas and statistics.

About the Author
K.R. Gupta is a well-known economist. He has published over twenty books including Economics of Development and Planning; World Trade Organisation (3 vols.); Studies in Indian Economy (3 vols.); Special Economic Zones: Issues, Laws and Procedures (2 vols.); Indo-U.S. Civil Nuclear Deal (4 vols.); Inflation: Issues and Concerns; Interest Rates and Inflation and Global Financial Crisis (3 vols.). Besides, he has contributed more than hundred papers in reputed journals, being published in India and abroad. He had been teaching postgraduate classes and guiding research for about two decades in the University of Jammu and Kurukshetra University. He has also worked as an economist in private as well as in public sector.