ISBN 9780495122500,Statistical Ideas and Methods

Statistical Ideas and Methods



Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780495122500

ISBN-10 0495122505


Number of Pages 668 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics & communications engineering

Emphasizing the conceptual development of statistical ideas, STATISTICAL IDEAS AND METHODS actively engages students and explains topics in the context of excellent examples and case studies. This text balances the spirit of statistical literacy with statistical methodology taught in the introductory statistics course. Jessica Utts and Robert Heckard built the book on two learning premises: (1) New material is much easier to learn and remember if it is related to something interesting or previously known; (2) New material is easier to learn if you actively ask questions and answer them for yourself. More than any other text available, STATISTICAL IDEAS AND METHODS motivates students to develop their statistical intuition by focusing on analyzing data and interpreting results as opposed to focusing on mathematical formulation. STATISTICAL IDEAS AND METHODS provides the exciting coverage from the authors' acclaimed MIND ON STATISTICS along with coverage of additional discrete random variables, nonparametric tests of hypotheses, multiple regression, two-way analysis of variance, and ethics.

Key Feature
Users and reviewers have praised the examples and case studies for their relevance and high student interest. These case studies and examples are based on real studies and use real data. This reinforces the premise of the text that something is easier to learn if it can be related to something interesting or previously learned.
Unique and motivating opening and closing chapters draw students into the course and the subject matter. These chapters clearly illustrate that statistical methods have contributed to our understanding of health, psychology, ecology, politics, music, lifestyle choices, and dozens of other topics.
iLrn Homework with DuxStat facilitates classroom management, finally allowing you to test the way you teach. iLrn Homework with DuxStat assesses students through homework, on quizzes, or on exams, in the process of doing real data analysis on the web. Student responses get automatically graded and entered into the iLrn grade book, making it easy for you to assign and collect homework over the web.
"Turn on Your Mind" boxes provide students with more advanced challenges. These questions help students discover and verify important ideas for themselves. Based on reviewer comments, the text now includes hints on how to solve these problems; complete solutions are still available on the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM.
"Turn on Your Computer" features, found throughout the text, use Java applets from CyberGnostics' CyberStats program. These applets, which are on the CD-ROM accompanying the text and described in the text, give students more opportunity for hands-on learning and allow students to explore statistics on their own.
Throughout the text, "Tech Notes" provide additional technical discussion as well as details about using MINITAB? and Microsoft? Excel. Manuals for Minitab, Excel, TI-83 and SPSS are on the accompanying CD.
"In Summary" boxes appear at points within the chapter where students typically need them, as opposed to being relegated to the end of a chapter or section.
Topical coverage includes the full spectrum of what's expected in a methods course, as well as topics that help students become responsible consumers, such as ethics in statistical studies and sources of bias in studies.