ISBN 9788131774502,Statistics for Management

Statistics for Management




Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788131774502

ISBN-10 8131774503


Edition 7th
Number of Pages 1016 Pages
Language (English)


Statistics for Management is a comprehensive textbook designed to help students understand the statistical concepts and applications used in business and management situations. As in case of the earlier editions, this edition too omits complex notations in favor of graphic and verbal explanations and aims to explain the subject with a practical orientation. Examples from the real world are discussed to explain how the textbook principles work in professional practice. Written in a simple and lucid language, this book is an excellent resource for students pursuing management courses.
Salient Features

Offers easy-to-understand explanations of difficult statistical topics

Has an increased number of real-world examples and plenty of exercises

Presents hypothesis tests conducted using the standardized scale

Includes new problems and cases specifically covering the Indian scenario

Provides a stepwise guide along with relevant snapshots for running various tools on the  SPSS software and the MS Excel package

Includes case-data in the MS Excel and SPSS formats

Table of Contens1. Introduction.2. Grouping and Displaying Data to Convey Meaning: Tables and Graphs.3. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion in Frequency Distributions.4. Probability I: Introductory Ideas.5. Probability Distributions.6. Sampling and Sampling Distributions.7. Estimation.8. Testing Hypotheses: One Sample Tests.9. Testing Hypotheses: Two-Sample Tests.10. Quality and Quality Control.11. Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance.12. Simple Regression and Correlation.13. Multiple Regression and Modeling.14. Nonparametric Methods.15. Time Series and Forecasting.16. Index Numbers.17. Decision Theory.