ISBN 9781259004933,Statistics For Management (With Cd)

Statistics For Management (With Cd)



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259004933

ISBN-10 1259004937


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 1004 Pages
Language (English)

Budgeting & financial management

The second edition continues to enlighten the readers on the importance of statistics and how indispensable it is in todays environment. This book covers the relevant statistical methods and techniques and illustrates their real-world applications in the areas of marketing, finance, operations and human resources. Catering to the needs of the MBA students, this book avoids the detailed mathematical derivations and integrates a computerbased methodology with the manual method. Key Features: The chapter on Statistical Techniques for Designing and Marketing of Products and Services is now more comprehensive and is now Multivariate Statistical Techniques An Appendix on Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics 18 Concepts such as Inverse Sampling, Snowball Sampling and Simulation have been discussed and made more comprehensive Additional exercises have been given on the CD increasing the exercises from 400 to 500 Concepts of ABC analysis and Index Numbers in an abridged form full chapters on the CD Modified and added new exercises and cases to incorporate latest data relating to Indian economic environment Table of Contents 1. IntroductionScope and Applications 2. Types, Sources and Collection of Data 3. Presentation of Data 4. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion 5. Probability 6. Sampling Techniques 7. Statistical Distributions 8. Simple Correlation and Regression Analysis 9. Multiple Correlation and Regression Analysis 10. Statistical Inference 11. Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments 12. Non-Parametric Tests 13. Time Series Analysis 14. ABC Analysis (Abridged) 15. Forecasting Methods 16. Decision Theory 17. Index Numbers (Abridged) 18. Role of Statistics in Quality Management 19. Multivariate Statistical Techniques (Including Techniques for Designing and Marketing of Products and Services) Appendix IExcelA Tool for Statistical Analysis Appendix IISymbols, Notation, Some Results and Formulae Appendix IIIIntroduction to IBM SPSS Statistics Statistical Tables Answers to Exercises Content on CD Chapter on ABC Analysis