ISBN 9788184121759,Statistics In Education And Psychology

Statistics In Education And Psychology



Asian Books Private Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788184121759

ISBN-10 818412175X


Number of Pages 365 Pages
Language (English)

Educational psychology

Since the last few decades, Statistics has become a part of the curriculum in most of the social sciences, particularly in Education and Psychology. In this context, the teaching of contents in relation to statistics has gained significant curriculum plans right from the Higher Secondary to the Master Degree levels in Education and Psychology in all the state of India as well as other countries. Moreover, various Indian Universities make serious attempts to provide research knowledge and skills to research students for which the knowledge of statistics is essential.

The present book is an attempt to provide comprehensive knowledge of the different concepts techniques in a simple language without distorting the actual meaning of the terms. The book is non-mathematical in nature and attempts have been made to illustrate the application of statistical techniques with the help of educational and psychological data.

This book is organized in three broad sections covering altogether fourteen chapters. The first section provides the descriptive statistics like meaning and nature of statistics, data Interpretation and its graphical representation, measures of central tendency, measures of variability and linear correlation. These contents are expected to help the beginners to understand the basics of statistics. The second section deals with the inferential statistics including Normal probability curve, sample and sampling procedure, 't' test' 'F' test, Chi square test and some other non-parametric tests. The section three deals with some higher order statistics like other method of correlation like bi-serial, point bi-serial, tetrachoric and phi coefficient, regression and prediction. This book makes an endeavor to incorporate different statistical techniques to have knowledge about statistics as statistics are the indispensible part to carry out qualitative research wok in any discipline.