ISBN 9788190611701,Steps Ahead In Primary Mathematics

Steps Ahead In Primary Mathematics


K. Rehman


Innovative Books



Innovative Books

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788190611701

ISBN-10 8190611704


Number of Pages 56 Pages
Language (English)

Children Book

Mathematics is fun with this book LEARNING THROUGH ACTIVITIES What Children will Learn : REVISION TO 20 , SHAPES : Cuboids, Cubes and towers, What shapes?, Twin shapes, name and numbers, Changing shapes - Using plasticine, Naming shapes MEASURE : Comparing size, Comparing houses, Arm lengths, Round things, Heel to Toe, Estimating, Order of Weight, Balancing, using steel balls and other items, Showing concept of graph, Balancing the crystal, Weighing, Measuring liquids - Bowl or mug, Jug, Bowl and glass Filling, Measuring grains of different amount, the same amount, Measuring length, Measuring heights, Measuring weight, Measuring and comparing the weight of different items, Comparing more or less, NUMBER : Adding tens and units, Missing numbers, Even and odd numbers in order, Pairs of numbers, Subtraction, Add and subtract, Multiplication and Number games ,Addition and Subtraction problems. Above concepts are based on activities that children are practicing directly or indirectly in day to day life. Hence this book practically inculcates the primary mathematics concepts into children.