ISBN 9780070992900,Stereochemistry Of Carbon Compounds

Stereochemistry Of Carbon Compounds



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Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780070992900

ISBN-10 0070992908


Number of Pages 486 Pages
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Stereochemistry Of Carbon Compounds, published in 2000, comprehensively covers stereochemistry as part of modern organic chemistry. It is designed to help readers understand the fundamentals of this subject, which would later be useful to them while pursuing their higher studies. The textbook starts off with an introduction, and is followed by two chapters on optical isomerism, one of which focuses on asymmetric carbon atoms. The author then demonstrates racemic modifications. Readers can also learn about the conformation and reactivity of acyclic compounds, and the stereochemistry of tricovalent carbon. Stereochemistry Of Carbon Compounds' chapter on Configuration explains the limitations of IUC nomenclature, and illustrates the usefulness of the new R,S- nomenclature. The author teaches readers how to directly determine absolute configurations, and describes ways to correlate configurations. Furthermore, students will also get the opportunity to understand how R,S- nomenclature is used on allenes and its related compounds. Readers will also discover that geometrical isomerism is based on physical properties, chemical reactions, and interconversion. Optical Rotation and Optical Rotatory Dispersion covers the latest developments that have taken place in this field. One-fourth of this textbook is dedicated to the stereochemistry of ring systems. The four chapters based on this topic focus on six-membered rings, bridged rings, fused rings, and others. Basic concepts, properties, and relationships are also explained. The last chapter of Stereochemistry Of Carbon Compounds is titled Stereo Selective Synthesis and Stereo Regulated Polymerization. This book has been designed for advanced undergraduates and beginner graduates. Eliel has written this guide with the understanding that readers have a basic background in physical and organic chemistry. First published in 1962, Stereochemistry Of Carbon Compounds has influenced organic chemists for many decades. About Ernest L. Eliel Ernest Ludwig Eliel, born in 1921, was a German organic chemist. He is the author of Topics In Stereochemistry, Basic Organic Stereochemistry, Conformational Analysis, Asymmetric Reactions and Processes in Chemistry (Acs Symposium Series), and Elements Of Stereochemistry. Eliel moved to Cuba, and obtained his BS degree in 1946 from the University of Havana. He shifted to America in the same year, and from 1948 started to teach at the University of Notre Dame. He became the W. R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1972. His research focused on stereochemistry and the conformational analysis of flexible organic molecules. In 1980, Eliel was made a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and twelve years later he became the President of the American Chemical Society. The author is the recipient of the 1996 Priestley Medal and the 1997 NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society. Eliel passed away in 2008, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Optical Isomerism Chapter 3. Optical Isomerism Due to Asymmetric Carbon Atoms Chapter 4. Racemic Modifications Chapter 5. Configuration Chapter 6. Conformation and Reactivity in Acylic Compounds Chapter 7. Some Aspects of the Stereo chemistry of Ring Systems Chapter 8. The Actual Shape of Six-Membered Rings and Its Relation to Properties and Reactivity Chapter 9. The shape of Rings Other Than Six-Membered Ones Chapter 10. Fused Rings and Bridged Rings Chapter 11. The Stereo isomerism of Allenes and Related Compounds Chapter 12. Geometrical Isomerism and the Stereo chemistry of Ole fins Chapter 13. The Stereo chemistry of Tricovalent Carbon Chapter 14. Optical Rotation and Optical Rotatory Dispersion Chapter 15. Stereo selective Synthesis and Stereo regulated Polymerization Name Index Subject Index