ISBN 9788126515707,Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds

Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds



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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788126515707

ISBN-10 8126515708


Number of Pages 216 Pages
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Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds 1st Edition is a comprehensive book on stereochemistry. The book comprises of new concepts and developments in the rapidly advancing field of stereochemistry, including chapters on asymmetric and diastereoselective synthesis, conformational analysis, properties of enantiomers and racemates and chiroptical properties. In addition, the book has over 1000 illustrations and a glossary of stereochemical terms. About the Authors Ernest L. Eliel is a Jr. Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been credited with numerous academic and scientific awards and honors. Professor Eliel is Past President of the American Chemical Society and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He is the author of Stereochemistry of Carbon Compounds and Elements of Stereochemistry. Samuel H. Wilen is Professor of Chemistry at City College, City University of New York. Professor Wilen has authored books like Tables of Resolving Agents and Optical Resolutions and Enantiomers, Racemates and Resolutions, etc. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Structure Stereoisomers Symmetry Configuration Properties Of Stereoisomers: Stereoisomer Discrimination Separation Of Stereoisomers: Resolution, Racemization Heterotopic Ligands And Faces (Prostereoisomerism, Prochirality) Stereochemistry Of Alkenes Conformation Of Acyclic Molecules Configuration And Conformation Of Cyclic Molecules Stereoselective Synthesis Chiroptical Properties Chirality In Molecules Devoid Of Chiral Centers Glossary