ISBN 9788132107187,Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility : Stakeholders in a Global Environment

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility : Stakeholders in a Global Environment


Pravir Malik


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SAGE Response

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788132107187

ISBN-10 8132107187

Hard Back

Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


While success in business has become synonymous with the meaning of life, this bearing comes at the high cost of damaged ecosystems. The underlying business-asset mentality has equated value with superficial and short-sighted actions and rewards. Redesigning the Stock Market: A Fractal Approach aims to alter the core of the global business machinery by integrating more long-sighted heuristics into trading mechanisms. These trading mechanisms encompass both the macro-environment related to the stock market and the micro-act of stock trading. The book covers the following key areas: - Discussion on a fractal basis for analysis of the macro financial environment and the stock market. - History of stock market crashes and lessons we can derive from them. - External changes that affect the stock market. - Suggestions for redesigning the stock market to minimize future financial crises and ensure business and societal sustainability.