ISBN 9780761997290,Strategic Research and Political Communication for NGOs : Initiating Policy Change

Strategic Research and Political Communication for NGOs : Initiating Policy Change


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780761997290

ISBN-10 0761997296

Hard Back

Number of Pages 496 Pages
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This volume analyses India?s reasonably good record of providing protection and hospitality to refugees, while pointing out the contradictions in the relation between these positive aspects and the manner in which state power has been exercised in post-colonial India. In examining the varied encounters between the state and refugees, the contributors demonstrate that India?s story of providing care is simultaneously one of limiting care. It reveals the power of the state to decide whom to extend hospitality to and whom to deny it to. Thus, the issue of affording asylum becomes one of exercising power on the part of India?s political establishment. This volume is the first of its kind in that it binds in a single chronicle writings on refugees in India at different time periods and in different regions of the country. It is also unique in bringing together contributors from a variety of disciplines: law, administrative sciences, history, politics and feminist studies. Table of Contents Foreword by AUGUSTINE MAHIGA Introduction: Power and Care: Building the New Indian State RANABIR SAMADDAR Aliens in a Colonial World PAULA BANERJEE State Response to the Refugee Crisis: Relief and Rehabilitation in the East SAMIR KUMAR DAS Birth of Social Security Commitments: What Happened in the West RITU MENON The Returnees and the Refugees: Migration from Burma SUBIR BHAUMIK The Genocide of 1971 and the Refugee Influx in the East K C SAHA Uprooted Twice: Refugees from the Chittagong Hill Tracts SABYASACHI BASU RAY CHAUDHURY Gainers of a Stalemate: The Tibetans in India RAJESH KHARAT Sheltering Civilians and Warriors: Entanglements in the South V SURYANARAYAN Refugee Women and Children: Need for Protection and Care ASHA HANS Paradoxes of the International Regime of Care: The Role of the UNHCR in India SARBANI SEN Status of Refugees in India: Strategic Ambiguity B S CHIMNI Bibliography Index