ISBN 9780521258579,Strategy And Organization: Realizing Strategic Management

Strategy And Organization: Realizing Strategic Management



Cambridge University Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780521258579

ISBN-10 052125857X


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Strategic Planning

Examining some of the new and emerging issues in strategic management, Loizos Heracleous offers a fresh approach to the established ideas of strategy. Beginning with the historical development of the strategy field, including the influence of industrial organization and the resource-based view, he develops a new perspective labeled an 'organizational action' view of strategy. This approach is theoretically underlain by organization theory and takes seriously such issues as the role of agency, the need for a longitudinal focus on process, the complexities of strategy implementation, and organizational facets such as strategic choice, organizational culture, organizational discourses and learning. Combining theoretical subtlety with an applied orientation, Heracleous examines topical areas such as corporate governance, inter-organizational networks, and organizing for the future. With original research and extensive surveys of the strategy literature, combined with a strong practical orientation, this book is ideal for MBA students, strategy researchers and the more thoughtful practitioner.

Table of Contents
Part I. Bases of Strategic Management
1. The strategic management field
2. An organizational action view of strategic management
3. Strategic thinking or strategic planning?
4. Leadership and the board of directors
Part II. Realising Strategy
5. The complexities of strategy implementation
6. Organizational culture and strategic change processes
7. The role of organizational discourse in understanding and managing strategic change.
8. Strategic change processes: an organization development approach
Part III. Current Themes and Applications
9. State ownership, privatization and performance
10. Does corporate governance make a difference to organizational performance?
11. Types of inter-organizational networks and the strategic roles of directors
12. Organizing for the future.