Nag A



Vikas Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788125942672

ISBN-10 812594267X


Number of Pages 636 Pages
Language (English)

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"In today?s world, ?change? is the only ?constant? factor. In the last few decades, there has been a radical change in how organizations function. To survive in this highly volatile environment, companies need a long-term strategic vision and thinking. In light of this, ?strategic management? has become a significant topic and is taught as the core subject in MBA/PGDM programmes in Indian universities and business schools. This is a book written in the context of the Indian business environment but with a global orientation. It is comprehensive and contemporary in its approach." SALIENT FEATURES Provides comprehensive coverage of the subject keeping the Indian business environment and students in mind. Includes a chapter on 'corporate governance', which is one of the most significant subjects in contemporary business Contains opening caselets at the begining of each chapter and 20 complete cases in Part VII related to different aspects of strategic management Includes 10 case exercises with design/framework, points and references for the students to develop complete case studies Table Of Contents PART I: UNDERSTANDING STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS, 1.Understanding Corporate Strategy, 2.Strategic Management Process, 3.Corporate Strategy And Corporate Governance, PART II: COMPANY MISSION, COMPETENCES AND THE ENVIRONMENT, 4.Corporate Mission, Objectives And Responsibility, 5.Internal Competences And Resources, 6.External Environmental Factors, PART III: STRATEGY ANALYSIS AND ALTERNATIVES, 7.Stability Strategies, 8.Strategies For Managing Change, 9.Expansion Strategies, PART IV: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS, STRATEGY SELECTION AND ACTIVATION PROCESS, 10.Industry And Competition Analysis, 11.Selection And Activation Of Strategy, PART V: IMPLEMENTATION OF STRATEGY, 12.Implementation: Structures And Systems, 13.Implementation: Functional And Operational, 14.Implementation: Behavioural And Values, PART VI: EVALUATION OF CORPORATE STRATEGY, 15.Strategy Evaluation And Control, PART VII: CASE METHOD IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, A. Guide To Case Method/Study, B.Long/Complete Cases, C.Short Cases/Exercises