ISBN 9788183226189,Street Smart: Secrets of How Successful Business Communities in India Make their Money

Street Smart: Secrets of How Successful Business Communities in India Make their Money



Manjul Publisher

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788183226189

ISBN-10 8183226183

Paper Back

Number of Pages 164 Pages
Language (English)
Let's talk openly & honestly about money. Street Smart – Beyond MBA explores the tried and tested values, traditions, culture and belief systems handed down for generations of the many amazingly successful business communities of India. It reveals the secrets of the natural money-making prowess of these communities. Many business communities in India have traditionally and successfully been in business for generations. Never before has their time-tested and practical business wisdom been analysed in-depth as in this book. You will learn about their mantras of wealth-creation – how over centuries, their lifestyles and thought patterns have evolved to ensure enduring economic success. Not an academic or historical perspective but a purely practical one, this book looks back many generations into the evolution and growth of the business mentality in these communities. One of the main factors behind the durability of community-based businesses in India is that ancient bonds of kinship and caste remain powerful even today. These factors enable commercial and business skills to continue from one generation to the next, thus ensuring perpetuity of a particular kind of business within a specific community. This book explores how being street smart can be an asset – a great advantage that can take you beyond skills that you may learn in an MBA programme or by acquiring any other paper degree. It can teach you how to survive and thrive in an economically unstable constantly changing modern world. Whether you are an MBA, a student, working somewhere, a business owner, a professional or at a top executive level, you need to have the street smarts in order to gain that extra edge over others. Being street smart is not a natural born talent yet it can be learnt. This book will teach you how.