R. K. Rajput



S.Chand & Company Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788121925945

ISBN-10 8121925940


Edition 5th
Number of Pages 1468 Pages
Language (English)

Examinations & assessment

In a complete and coherent manner, R. K. Rajput deals with the complicated components of engineering in his book Strength of Materials. Summary Of The Book Engineering students have an extensive syllabus which can get burdensome and difficult to follow. This book deals with the essential components of the various aspects of mechanical engineering such as structuring, designing, creating and so on. It is required to prepare thoroughly for academic and practical purposes. With the help of Strength of Materials by R. K. Rajput, the students will be able to adapt better to the course structure of various universities. Strength of Materials is also useful for a person preparing for job interviews in the field. R. K. Rajput presents complex processes in simplistic language that will help students in comprehending the theory and applications of the concepts easily. In addition to this, all information and knowledge provided have been updated as per the latest development. The author has stated that the primary purpose of Strength of Materials is to provide students a simple, lucid and comprehensible explanation of different complex problems. This book specifically caters to students preparing for examinations pertaining to the engineering field. There are various interesting sections that deal largely with how to go about different institutional faculties. About R. K. Rajput R. K Rajput has authored several books that are directly concerned with engineering for students such as A Textbook of Engineering Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, and A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Simple Stresses & Strains 2. Principal Stresses And Strains 3. Centroid & Moment of Inertia 4. Bending Moment & Shearing Forces 5. Bending Stresses In Beams 6. Combined Direct & Bending Stresses 7. Shearing Stresses 8. Deflection of Beams 9. Fixed And Continuous Beams 10. Thin Shells 11. Thick Shells 12. Riveted And Welded Joints 13. Torsion of Circulars & Non – Circular Shafts 14. Springs 15. Strain Energy & Deflection Due to Shear & Bending 16. Columns & Struts 17. Analysis of Framed Structures 18. Theories of Failure 19. Stresses Due To Rotation 20. Bending of Curved Bars 21. Unsymmetrical Bending & Shear 22. Competitive Examinations (UPSC, GATE Etc.) Questions With 23. Universities Question (Recent) With Solutions Additional Objective Type Questions (Including Questions For Ese, Cse, Gate, Etc., Exams) Material Testing -Experiments