ISBN 9788130928197,Stress Control : Stress - Busting Strategies for the 21st Century

Stress Control : Stress - Busting Strategies for the 21st Century



Viva Books Private Limited

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788130928197

ISBN-10 8130928191


Number of Pages 284 Pages
Language (English)


Susan Balfour takes a fresh, contemporary look at the dilemmas we face in todays society. She proposes alternative ways of approaching and thinking about life and its challenges and suggests simple solutions which can be applied to modern problems. For example - Watch your body language. Tension in your muscles sends a message to the brain to release stress chemicals. It also depletes your body of energy, which leaves you less resilient to pressure. Get into the habit of doing a body scan at regular intervals throughout the day, checking your shoulders arent hunched or your jaw clenched and consciously relaxing any tense muscles while breathing slowly and deeply. She offers assistance in carrying out an audit of your life on many levels, to help discover just what is weighing you down and holding you back. She offers exercises for mind and body throughout the book and gives ideas to control and relieve the varieties of modem stress we all suffer - from work and emotional issues to mental and physical pain.

About the Author

Susan Balfour is a psychotherapist who has made a special study of the stress syndrome - what causes it, how it affects our health and how to manage it in daily living. Susan has been featured on a number of television programmes about stress and anxiety management and has worked with leading medical specialist on the management of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Table of contents:-

Chapter 1: What’s Going On?
Chapter 2: Wisdom and Truth - Vital Resources
Chapter 3: Who is in Control?
Chapter 4: Technology and Stress
Chapter 5: Take Control of Your Agenda
Chapter 6: The Positive No
Chapter 7: Stress at Work
Chapter 8: Let’s Talk about Your Body
Chapter 9: Just Relax
Chapter 10: Food to Empower You
Chapter 11: What We Can Learn from Successful People