ISBN 9788178292151,Strong Religion, Zealous Media : Christian Fundamentalism and Communication in India

Strong Religion, Zealous Media : Christian Fundamentalism and Communication in India


Sophie Laws


Sage Vistaar



Sage Vistaar

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788178292151

ISBN-10 8178292157


Number of Pages 492 Pages
Language (English)


What is research and what is the best approach to research for development? What are the different ways in which research is used in development work? This handbook answers these questions with tremendous ease and, in the process, helps to do away with the myth that research is only meant for researchers and not for practitioners and implementers of schemes and projects. It is a comprehensive introduction for undertaking and managing research in development. The manual has been divided into two parts?Part I provides the conceptual framework, while Part II focuses more on the practical steps of conducting research for development work. It also contains details of various websites, which will assist the reader to be in touch with the latest developments in the field of development research. The presence of activity tables, key-points and checklists make the book very reader-friendly, and will enable development workers to design, implement, monitor and evaluate programmes in a more efficient manner. Table of Contents I. MANAGING RESEARCH FOR DEVELOPMENT: HOW TO USE THIS BOOK: Introduction ? Why Use Research in Development Work? How is Research Used in Development Work? Participatory Research Quality in Research Planning for Effective Research ? Preparing to Write the Brief Planning for Effective Research ? What Should Go into the Brief? Who Should do the Research? Managing Research Learning How to do Research for Development Work Managing for Impact ? Promoting Research Findings Evaluating Research for Development Work II. DOING RESEARCH FOR DEVELOPMENT: What is Already Known? Making the Most of Existing Information Research Ethics Communication with Respondents?The Key to Good Research How to Ensure Quality in Data-Gathering Choosing Methods Seven Key Research Techniques Some Packages of Methods for Research for Development Work Talking to the Right People?Choosing a Sample Analysis How to Write an Effective Research Report Appendix 1: Useful Websites References Index