ISBN 9780877654445,Structural Fire Fighting

Structural Fire Fighting



C B S Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780877654445

ISBN-10 0877654441


Language (English)

Engineering graphics & technical drawing

Take the lead with proven techniques for incident command in Structural Fire Fighting!Working together, NFPA? experts Bernard Klaene and Russell Sanders have created a landmark text for fire officers and professionals in training! Structural Fire Fighting presents complete coverage of operational procedures for working structural fires including: Dispelling myths on rescue Dispensing expert advice on rescue Ventilation Forcible entry SalvageFind out how the best incident commanders get a handle on the big picture.Learn to visualize the vital steps that must be taken to implement the strategic plan--from creating the plan and choosing an offensive or defensive course, to evaluating structural conditions. You'll explore all the issues concerning life safety, extinguishment, property conservation, and special architecture.Case summaries of actual incidents let you benefit from major successes and failures.Major fire incidents may occur just once in a lifetime, so the only way to be prepared is through the experiences of others. Real-life case summaries are presented throughout the book, along with margin notes with definitions and advice. Fallacy/fact boxes dispel popular myths about command strategies.It's a classic text for every fire department and fire fighter training course!