ISBN 9788177228489,Structured Programming Approach

Structured Programming Approach



Dreamtech Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788177228489

ISBN-10 817722848X


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

Chapter 1: Problem Solving and Algorithms Steps for Solving Problem Techniques of Solving Problem Chapter 2: Expressing Algorithm - Sequence Structured Programming Approach C Programming Language Operator in C Language Input and Output Functions Chapter 3: Concept of Scalar Data Types Data Types Data Types in C Type definition Derived and User Defined Data Types Void Pointers Scope and Lifetime of Variables Type Conversion Chapter 4: C-Control Structures for Selection The Two-Way Selection The Multi-way Selection Chapter 5: Expressing Algorithms - Iteration Types of Loop Repetition in C Nested Loops Altering Execution Control Flow in Loops Chapter 6: Functions in C Functions in C Types of Function Parameter Passing in Function Recursive Function Command-Line Arguments Advantages of Functions Chapter 7: Additional C Data Types Arrays Array Dimension Strings Structures Pointers Chapter 8: Files in C Concept of File Files and Streams File Operations Opening and Closing a File Characters and File String and File Integer and File Function feof() General I/O in Text Files I/O in Binary Files Random File Access