ISBN 9788183333252,Struts 2 Design and Programming

Struts 2 Design and Programming


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788183333252

ISBN-10 8183333257


Number of Pages 558 Pages
Language (English)

Educational: English language: readers & reading schemes

Summary Of the Book

Struts 2 Design And Programming is a reference book on the Struts 2 system. It includes many other topics like DAOs, Dojo, Velocity, FreeMarker, and JFreeChart. These sections provide very useful information on these additional subjects without compromising on the original ones. It has the ability to satiate one’s curiosity on the workings of Struts 2.

It gives comprehensive guidelines on how to design, improve, and build Java based web applications. Its contents include applications related to Model 2, actions, results, starting with the applications, OGNI, Generic Tags, Form Tags, Input Validation, type conversion, internationalization, message handling, model driven interceptors, and file upload. It also covers topics such as persistence layer, file download, securing of struts application, profiling, debugging, prevention of double submits, progress meters, result types, custom interceptors, freemarker, velocity, plug ins, XSLT results, Jchat plugins, Struts configuration, Tiles plugin, AJAX, and zero configuration.

Struts 2 Design And Programming provides one line descriptions for the attributes and also delves into deeper explanation when needed. It teaches how to design and build web applications based on Java and also gives tips on improving them. Its USP is the fact that it gives both practical and theoretical explanations with deep insights. It helps programmers choose the best features to make their programmes accurate. There also are chapters pertaining to object caching, file uploading, and paging.

It serves the purpose of a tutorial for version 2 of Struts. It is quite thorough with its explanations. In the beginning of the book, there is an explanation for Model 1 and 2 of web development. It also gives short examples pertaining to these models in these sections.

About Budi Kurniawan

Budi Kurniawan is an author, consultant and senior architect.

He has also written other books like How TomCat Works, Java: A Beginner's Tutorial, Java 6 New Features, and Internet Programming with Visual Basic.

He holds an Electrical Engineering Masters of Research degree from Sydney University, specializing in digital image processing. Presently, he is a consultant in Brainy Software Corporation. Kurniawan has designed software for the Fortune 100 Companies. He has also architected various applications and written over 100 articles for esteemed publications. Kurniawan has also written for magazines like Java-Pro and JavaReport.